NewZealand_1988_Machiventa-StatementofIntent history

From: Anthony Porzio 04/08/98
Subject: Machiventa ”s



It is interesting to note that this small prayer group in New Zealand??had no prior knowledge of the Urantia Book whatsoever at the time of??this announcement and proceeding subsequent transmissions from both??Machiventa and Abraham. It was only later that the Urantia Book was? introduced to these wonderful people, to their utter amazement and??further enlightenment. I was in contact with the group via telephone??and mail, through my former wife and assistant, Jeannine, who was eager??to move there and participate. Although we were most warmly welcomed to? New Zealand by the first TeaM group, I hesitated. Then it was revealed??to me that the Teaching Mission would next come to us in America, which??it eventually did.

??The Corporation Sole, THE INSTITUTE FOR SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT, was??formed in the summer of 1982, from an inspiration from above with the??personally revealed theme of “The Ending Time.” I didn”t like the way??it sounded and feared that any discussion of that would make me appear??to be a “hellfire and doomsday” prophet. It wasn”t until the arrival of??the news of Melchizedek/Abraham”s announcement that it all began to fit??together for my understanding, as in 1976, I was under the??realization that a major divine intervention was needed. I then??informed the Urantia Foundation anonymously of the impending arrival of??a new dispensation, to prevent the default of the Fifth Epochal??Revelation. The rest is both history and destiny. -Anthony Porzio


??I, Machiventa, a Melchizedek, Vice Regent Planetary Prince of Urantia make this statement:

God intends for me to make ready the peoples inhabiting the Planet??Urantia for the arrival of Prince Michael, Son of God.

??This work as Vice Regent consists of gathering those persons who do??hear, who do see, who do understand GOD. Thid gathering of persons??shall eventually spread light, truth, love throughout humankind.

??I used the term “Correcting Time. this terminology has been coined to??give humankind some indication of the intent. To correct something is??to alter course. The alteration of course may take some considerable??time/space in your terms. There is no way a time frame can be allocated??for this. it is dependent entirely on individual humankind acceptance??and understanding.

??I shall be working with the cooperation of certain chosen persons. This??communication is being delivered through one such. There are others,??and there may be others also dependent, again, on humankind acceptance??and understanding, never forgetting the freewill of humankind.

??Abaraham is “used” by myself as a “scouting party” and in turn, I am??”used” thus. We make ready.

??”The covenant of Melchizedek with Abraham represents the great??Urantian agreement between and humanity whereby God agrees to do??everything; man only agrees to believe God”s promises and follow his??instructions.” The Urantia Book, P.1020.

“And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed??God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called??the Friend of God. NT Bible, James, 2:23??