by J. Frederico Abbott-Galvão Jr.

em português

Violence in human society has brought to our relations an inertial force that stems from behavioral patterns once indispensable in the struggle for survival in the jungle, but now unacceptable in the pursuit of excellence and perfection on our way to Paradise. We want to go into space, not to explode in the atmosphere, in this 21st Century that evolves in a fast and complex way. Individuality is essential to humans and each personality is unique, but selfishness wastes energy when it excludes the others or defends itself from exclusion or invasion. That is why we need a new synergism (mind-soul-spirit) founded on goodwill, good faith and good sense, to move forward with order, progress and faith. In this way we shall correct the monumental evolutionary backwardness of the planet in these trimillennial times. The challenge is very motivating, much more so than the threat is terrifying.

Our heroes illustrate the inertia of stratified behavior patterns throughout human evolution: the attitude we admire in them should be automatic in each one of us. Since selfishness discourages extreme sacrifices for any cause, if someone practices valiant acts he/she is seen as a hero. We also know that talents may vary in degree, extent and depth, but we don’t really know much about their nature or their genetic-circumstantial components. MENSA gifteds call themselves normal, amid the 98% still colorblind, who cultivate a comfortable so-called “normal” medianity – Intertel members are in the top 1% on IQ tests. In the famous experience of AS Neill School in Summerhill, England, almost all average pupils who were informed they were gifted started behaving as such, while most gifteds quickly “normalized” their school performance. They believed in established authority and lived up to the expectations projected on their intelligence.

A fair insertion in the social environment is an essential factor in motivating citizens and activating in them the potential for accelerating joint progress. A meritocratic and inspiring educational system, founded on ambidexterity and the balanced development of the intelligences and perceptions we bring at birth (potentials for eternal life) will surely produce the righteous, fit and happy human being who shall willingly devote himself to the common good in his personal development. In the social level, the sense of justice that a child shows from early childhood, when strongly opposed against a sizable group, brings about understandably strong reactions, as occurred in Indonesia in the mid-1960s; more than a century ago in Romanov Russia and two hundred years ago in Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s France. The revolutionary circulation of elites has regrettable aspects that we should preventively avoid in the current level of evolution of “homo spatialis”. In some cases, however, the revolution was inevitable, as happened in some Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Young people push for the changes they deem indispensable.

To advance as necessary, we will also need to neutralize the olden sense of guilt of Western man, who considered himself simply expelled from Eden (on the vicinities of Cyprus), ignoring the splendid saga of Adam and Eve in the Second Garden (in Mesopotamia) who rehabilitated with “grace and integrity” from their fault. Feeling rejected by the Creator and unworthy of happiness, we called the ideal society utopia (from the Greek “u” + “topos” = which does not exist anywhere). Since science has proven the evolution of life from unicellular beings (a genesis still ignored by science but explained by the Father’s Biological Engineer Sons – the Life Carriers), religion is sensibly opening itself to these revelations. We thus acquired the right and the duty to seek perfection here on Earth and Light and Life in the individual and collective future, despite the current crisis of capitalism and communism, which are moving towards a faithful democratic socialism or a social believers’ capitalism.

Misery in countries emerging (or even poorer, in emergencies) and unemployment in developed nations, coupled with climate catastrophes in all quarters of the world, composes a scenery aggravated by the xenophobic exclusion, in the rich, of flocking migrants from the poor, who reflect the weakness of current models in their homelands and confirm a similar fragility in those lands that they seek by instinct and despair. These are moments of decision and of testing of all the values ​​we believe in. The emerging BRICs and the G20 remind First World CHICs to be neither cruel nor indifferent to the MEEKs that Jesus spoke of.

Many young people, driven by their inherent energy and idealism, strongly revolt against the national and international injustice of this so-called organized society and opt for a destructiveness driven by hatred and revenge, that potentialize each other in a direct confrontation. And they commit acts of true “panicism” in a frightening evolution of olden terrorism. But if they meditate for a while, these impulsive young people will realize for the most part that some of the solutions to the current problems require only an honest consensus of values ​​in the establishment they will inherit. At the other extreme, many destroy themselves by taking illicit drugs that make them waste in this life potentials brought for eternal life, and that will surely be much missed for the progress of human society, emotionally and socially. By building a just, social-democratic and Christian market economy, we shall have a conscious and more ethical capitalism or a believing and moderate socialism that shall articulate our wills in a civilized manner and sensibly negotiate solutions for the concertation of nations.

The solutions would start with the regulation of cash flows and the sustainable exploitation of land. For earth is the source of the only true wealth, according to Adam Smith, and the origin of society itself, according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in his Discourse on the Origin of Inequalities: “The first one who, having encircled a piece of ground, decided to say ‘this is mine’ and found people simple enough to believe it, was the real founder of human society”.

The responsibility for seeking solutions is ours, for the time being. Some of those solutions seem self-evident, so practical and workable are they, when viewed with altruism. If governments of nations in emergency, within their national jurisdictions, pay cash for unproductive properties at market prices and parcel them into family farms, mortgaged for 15 to 20 years and organized into cooperatives, they shall soon make the landless peasants and the homeless of the big cities productive, peaceful and happy. Respecting productive properties, the value of the unproductive land will automatically boost other sectors of the economy. Almost all the landless and homeless come from the countryside or the outskirts of large cities, where education and leisure had not previously arrived, but which could be greatly enhanced by tele-education and new technologies.

In cities they will receive due attention for a dignified and constructive life. In the countryside, happy and healthy, food production will increase, reducing costs and malnutrition levels (216 people starve to death worldwide and in all countries, even the rich). By providing, in cities and in the countryside, the necessary decent housing, good health and effective schools, plus the proper infrastructure and chances of social circulation on merit, national governments will encourage construction and entrepreneurship, creating decent and sustainable jobs, feeding the best hopes of all. Thusly shall they draw a virtuous spiral of progress where once was a vicious circle of stagnation and a serious risk of social implosion. Developed countries do not have the same land ownership problems that we see here, but their cities already have others, very similar to ours. For us in Brazil, sustainable land productivity is the crucial equation in all regions. And our solutions could be exemplary for other countries, as was the UN Hunger Zero Program.

On the other hand, to end the cruelty that makes poorer families have more children and less rich countries have higher birth rates, governments have to combine some form of demographic control with religious authorities as well. We cannot go on commissioning souls to install so many of them in half-people, with permanent brain damage from lack of food and emotional trauma in early childhood (about 500,000 a year or more), mortified by inhuman deprivation and unable to make a reasonable social fit. Rural misery and exclusion in cities are largely due to the lack of supervision of children’s work, sometimes conceived to be exploited from infancy and prevented from studying as they deserve and must, in a regrettable waste of beautiful potentials for eternal life.

Philanthropy helps a lot in certain times and places, and even saves many lives, but it will never correct our structural problems, as much as it alleviates the conscience of those who do not want to remember that 108 people starve to death during one of our normal 30 minute meals in family or in pairs. The existence of billions of needy or marginalized people undermines the value of the earthly human being as the ascendant species of sons and daughters of God. Faced with such deprivation, any waste must also be avoided, in a new, proportionately austere consciousness of those who have the greatest amount of goods and possibilities. Social sustainability depends on a balanced distribution of available resources, by establishing a stable meritocratic and fraternizing social pyramid, in which the real value of each citizen is recognized by all.

A new society founded on shared and defined values, aimed at the empowering development of every human being’s talents, will prevent the loss of latent qualities that normal-minded people bring at birth. This society will focus on the conversion (yes, conversion!) of criminals, that is, of those who think of themselves as lost cases and improve themselves in the practice of evil. Rehabilitation, almost impossible nowadays, for lack of forgiveness and mercy, will always be open to those who desire it. This will end the sad bleeding of billions of dollars and thousands of talents in the fight of police versus bandits on both sides of our civilizational equation. There are criminals and offenders because our “honest” values ​​do not convince them and the risk they face is compensatory in their eyes and consciences. The current legal system needs to upgrade responsible and honest state regulation, ensuring that there will be no absurd excesses as evidenced in 2008 from Wall Street. On the financial side, a realistic regulatory reform will make it possible to allow doubtful income “exporters” to conserve 40 to 50 percent of their unregistered reserves, which are currently sleeping, useless for their countries, in slush funds of ironic “tax paradises.” Once the legalization process is formalized, they shall honestly convey the remaining percentages to productive investments in their home countries or even in those ex-paradises, in a morally acceptable way.

Fair, efficient and incorruptible, a well-paid and regulated tax authority will respectfully supervise property and income, collecting direct taxes commensurate with both and preventing the commission of property crimes, in partnership with a responsible and reliable banking system. The managers of the public-private-military-ecclesiastical society we have would be articulated with new accounting practices endowed with beautiful transparency and growing ethics. Theft depends on the existence of a receiving mechanism for stolen goods and values and shalll automatically disappear if no one commits this second crime. Social security, on the other hand, now in crisis because of the greater longevity of retirees heading for the betterment of their souls in morontial lives, will keep them well-treated and in good existential quality, after having been itself strengthened by the correction of frauds internationally ubiquitous and by a sensible extension of the terms for retirement and increased contributions for this purpose, including contributions by the retired ones themselves.

Unemployment, intimidating for the citizen and costly for society, would be eliminated by reducing the weekly working days by just one of the current five, i.e. 20% (three days, covering the three holy days of Jerusalem’s monotheistic religions that found the Trinity): the Islamic Friday, the Jewish Sabbath and the Christian Sunday). Reliable and efficiency-respected policing will prevent the rise of crime on weekends, of course. As no country, apart from those in emergency, has 20% unemployment, there will soon be work for all the productive souls. Increased productivity stemming from fewer hours of work and greater citizen motivation shall increase consumption in a larger and healthier laboring population: the economy will operate on a broader and more dynamic scale at all levels and it will be impossible to avoid progress.

The expansion of the family or individual leisure sector will further reinforce the economic and financial benefits of this change. Direct, income-proportional taxes will bring down the cost of living to the point of nearly suppressing absolute poverty, but without discouraging talent or encouraging corruption, as in the system I witnessed Gorbachev begin to dismantle with “Perestroika” and “Glasnost” in Moscow, 1984-85 – in Brasilia Tancredo Neves was ill at that time and his surgeries were broadcasted on TV. The Brazilian tax collection system, in which the former lion of governmental advertisements could be symbolized by the winged griffon (flying by helicopter), would turn tax evasion into a crime against society, but allowing discrete rehabilitations, with no emphasis on a public witch hunt.

Citizens will gladly comply with internal laws, as Descartes noted in his “Discourse on the Method”, if those laws are few and transparent (like the rules of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee), after the codification and compatibilization that all contemporary countries need. With interpreters and law enforcers assisted by well-trained and well-equipped, well-paid and regulated personnel, political activity will be properly qualified and the judicial and police apparatus will act with the support and without complicity of the population in misconduct. The discretion not to blatantly publish bad examples and to deny space for sick egos in the news will ennoble the role of the media at a new level. Journalists will demonstrate a stronger commitment to truth and a greater awareness of role of the press in the informal education of the population. Law enforcement will also be monitored by professional and neighborhood councils that will emphasize prevention or rehabilitation, minimizing the need for prison punishment. The new education will form people aware of their global and cosmic citizenship as fraternal children of God, indwelled by divinity.

In three levels, according to the income and social position of their guests, the few prisons will be productive and dignified, with rehabilitative and non-forced labor – a new sector of the economy. Prisons will be intended for reintegration of offenders, no longer for the specialization of many of them in the commission of crimes, as happens nowadays. The currently chaotic penitentiary system, lacking the human rights due to every citizen indwelled by the inner God, reflects the crisis of our society at its worst and hampers the rehabilitation desired by the widest majority who come to know the dignity of divine indwelling in their own minds. If approved in a referendum, the death penalty would only be applied following a safe and socially cost-effective process to purge the heinous and recalcitrant criminals, unapproachably irreducible in their criminal stance. Behaviors that are now viewed as criminal are, by the way, analyzable from the mechanisms of adaptation, to city life, of animal ancestral impulses, and our less-than-normal Adamic genetics, below the standard of the normal worlds of space-time.

The damage done by crime and the costs it entails in security and justice equate domestically to those caused internationally by massive military spending, which can in turn be reduced through a sensible articulation between countries and joint regulatory oversight, on a regional and global scale, in the pattern that began to emerge since the 2008 crisis. With only the minimal military and police apparatus necessary for the order and security of each country, countless billions of dollars will go to civil defense, integrated scientific research and the fascinating joint exploration of space. Some countries would terraform Mars, for example, while others would do the same on Venus, beginning our advance into the seemingly endless space. This is what we could do alone, of course…

Our challenge is beautifully enormous: to perfect nature in co-creation with God as recipients of His own conception on our way to the Finality Corps of Creation in Paradise. We who evolved from Andon and Fonta (the first couple, a million years ago) and were genetically improved by Adam and Eve’s descendants (37,000 years ago), are developing, with much unseen help, the human being in equilibrium of psycho-cosmic circles (the self-knowing mind in revealed Creation). In the future we will take our best values ​​around the universe, in a process that will prevent any planetary recession and give splendid motivation to the youth we once had, each of us who is in an optimistic old age today. With this new self-conscious structure of cosmic citizens and children of God, we will achieve the peace that is indispensable to care for the common interests of all peoples and citizens, inspired by the supra-interreligious Urantia Book Revelation (see Google and Wikipedia) and other intercomplementary divine revelations. We will all be connected, at the supra-conscious level, by the individual inner Gods who build our souls of immortal potential when we want or can develop them. On Earth (Urantia) we will try to forge an ideal society (the Age of Light and Life is the destiny of all the worlds of time-space) in which each one can be materially and spiritually happy in the pursuit of individual and collective excellence, which is the perfection that the Father invites us to develop. If He invites us to perfeiction, then it is reachable and we must seek it.

Then we will look for (or even receive before), stellar brothers from other celestial spheres in His name, to celebrate the return of Christ Michael, the Creator Son of this universe of Nebadon, who living as Jesus of Nazareth here has attained the supremacy of the Greater Creator Son. , in the name of the Paradise Trinity – we are part of the seventh time-space superuniverse, called Orvonton. If we do not receive Him here materially at the Second Coming, we can follow His visit through the cosmic transmissions of reflectivity as we make our way to the capital of the local universe of Nebadon. After death we will go first through the 7 Mansion Worlds (for the betterment of the morontia soul), then through the capital of the Satania Planetary System and the Norlatiadek Constellation. After all we will be at Salvington and reach the stage of first-stage spirits on our way to the Havona Central and Perfect Universe. Either way, those who think like this author will seek to go to Paradise, at the center of the majestic creation of the Eternal Father More-than-Spirit, each in our personal and eternal perfection, as described in the Urantia Book (Chicago, Illinois, 1955, original English edition translated into 17 languages, and in Portuguese since 2004 on the Internet, on paper since 2008, under # ISBN 978-1-883395—25-4). See and .

In this Revelation we are told that the Father and the Sons of Paradise build local universes with big bangs in space-time, then implant life on star-orbiting planets and induce planetary civilizations in which the pattern is the combination of six races evolved of one first post-unicellular human couple, in its midway civilized by a Planetary Prince and later genetically enriched by Adamic blood – the gaps in our history are beautifully filled in the Urantia Book. Under the spiritual governance of our Father-Brother-Sovereign Christ Michael, with Mother Spirit and their firstborn Gabriel of Salvington, we will try to complete our part, co-creation in this time-space of the Blue Planet, so that afterwards the Eternal Father More-than-Spirit shall tell us what to do, even beyond His own organized creation of today and four levels of outer space not yet inhabited (!). To them the Father directs 95% of His more-than-spiritual energies …

Buenos Aires, 21 August 2019.

Professional and spiritual activities

Counselor (JE) J. Frederico Abbott Galvão Jr. was 3rd Secretary in the former Department of Cultural, Scientific and Technological Cooperation (DCT) of Itamaraty in Brasilia and in the Mission to UNESCO in Paris and Belgrade (delegations); 2nd Secretary at the Mission of Brazil to the OAS (Washington) and Head of the Consular Section in Moscow; back in Brazil, he served in the Near East Department (DEOP) and served in Ankara, Turkey (winter 1991); as 1st Secretary he was Deputy Consul in Buenos Aires and Chargé d’Affaires in Guatemala, where he served as Head of the Consular Section, Commercial and Press Attaché. Counselor in the Special Board (QE) since 2002, he has been dedicated to the supra- and interreligious works of the Urantia Movement in its broadest sense, which can be found at: 1) <>, Chicago, Illinois; 2) <> (York, Pennsylvania); 3) <> (Boulder, Colorado); 4) <11: 11progressgroup> of the Midwayers in Illawarra, Australia; 5) <> (Urantia Book Student Group in Brazil (ELUB), Brasilia, DF; 6) Urantia Brazil Association (UAB), Brasilia, DF; 7) Training Mission (<>, York, Pennsylvania); and 8) Magisterial Correcting Time Mission (<>). In addition, he translated to the Nordan Symposia, in English, 53 communications received in Brazil, in Portuguese, in 2005, by the Black Brook Group (Grupo de Ribeirão Preto).